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The Smart QR Code is perfect for favors and gifts. An example: a doormat with Smart QR Code where by scanning the QR code a nice movie of your own… Read more »

Shopping Smart QR Code

Packaging industry

Print the Smart QR code on the product packaging. When that code is being scanned, different uses of the product can be presented in an attractive and clear promotion film…. Read more »

A personal message

Tag a ‘message with a bottle’. Make a truly special gift for someone you love with the Smart QR Code. The Smart QR Code APP allows you to send personalized… Read more »

Geocache QR Code stickers

Add video to a geocache QR sticker just using your mobile phone. Create a personal message for anyone who finds your Geocaching QR sticker. Place your own video, voice reacording, documents… Read more »

QR Code businesscards

QR Code businesscards

Consider QR Code businesscards. A special opportunity to enrich your businesscard with additional information such as a personal video message, a company presentation, social media profile or your businessdata (Vcard)…. Read more »


The Android/Apple APP’s are available. just seardch for smart qr code (Jabbo) The Smart QR Code app enables you to do the following on your smartphone: – create ’empty’ Smart… Read more »


We charge the use of the Smart QR Code(s) in credits. Credits are a prepaid balance, associated with your account. Hence it is independent of the number of Smart QR… Read more »

Shopping Smart QR Code


Knowledge is power. Obviously, you would like to know how often, when, and where your Smart QR Code is scanned. This way, you are able to gain insight into the success… Read more »


When you create a free account via ‘Register’ or if you login on an existing account, you get access to our management environment. Below functionalities are available in this area:… Read more »

Mobile pages

In the management environment with the ‘new page’ functionality, you are able to make your own ´mobile-friendly´ web pages, without the need for a mobile website. With the built-in editor you… Read more »

Dynamic Code

Where an ordinary QR Code solely connects to a web page of which the address cannot be changed afterwards, offers Smart QR Code customized solutions. Hence, it is suitable for… Read more »


The Smart QR Code is able to handle all types of media files; stored video recordings, photographs, documents and audio recordings, but also an email address, telephone number or sharing… Read more »


Conditions are preprogrammed choices with which you can influence the behavior of the Smart QR Code when the QR code is scanned (if it satisfies certain condition(s), then display certain… Read more »