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You can print the Smart QR Code on any object. From T-shirts to porcelain, from bakery to doormats, etc. Let your imagination run wild. But remember the two most important… Read more »

Shopping Smart QR Code

Each week a different offer behind the same Smart QR Code. You can even choose to automatically change content every hour. Or completely at random, present a special offer when… Read more »


Visitors of your city get interesting city information depending on where they scan your Smart QR Code. And depending on the language settings of their smartphone they receive that information… Read more »

QR T-shirt

Or add your own story behind the QR code on your t-shirt and make your storytelling t-shirt. Success guaranteed!


The Smart QR Code is perfect for favors and gifts. An example: a doormat with Smart QR Code where by scanning the QR code a nice movie of your own… Read more »

Packaging industry

Print the Smart QR code on the product packaging. When that code is being scanned, different uses of the product can be presented in an attractive and clear promotion film…. Read more »

A personal message

Tag a ‘message with a bottle’. Make a truly special gift for someone you love with the Smart QR Code. The Smart QR Code APP allows you to send personalized… Read more »

Geocache QR Code stickers

Add video to a geocache QR sticker just using your mobile phone.¬†Create a personal message for anyone who finds your Geocaching QR sticker. Place your own video, voice reacording, documents… Read more »