How it works

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Smart QR Code

A Smart QR Code is a conditional QR code and determines which content will be shown on the basis of a condition. You can add conditions like country, exact geolocation, language, mobile phone type, password, time or date etc. Smart QR Code supports media like video, photo, documents and files, music, mobile pages, weblinks, etc.

Smart QR Code has a private video and media library for all your files and videos. Manage just by using your mobile phone or use for extended conditions Sharing your media using the QR code or short link for social media or send directly to your printer or printing office.

Why using Smart QR Code?

  • Professional QR technology
  • Managed by mobile phone or by website for extended conditional functions
  • Conditional behavior QR Code
  • Dynamic, print once, use always
  • Geolocation technology
  • Private media store
  • Create your own web pages ( CMS )
  • Analytics
  • Combining QR and media technology
  • Patented technology

Smart QR Code APP

  • Link your personal message directly to a Smart QR code, just using a mobile phone
  • Supports al kind of media and other content
  • Create , manage and share all your QR codes
  • Manage QR codes by mobile phone
  • Private video platform
  • Dynamic QR Codes
  • Conditional QR Codes
  • No commercials
  • Patented technology


  • Video
  • Documents
  • Audio
  • Links to websites and social media
  • Images
  • Email or phone number

Example of usage

  • Businesscards
  • Instructions on products
  • Personalising your gifts
  • Folders and documentation

Smart QR Web application

With the Smart QR Code web application you cab create and manage conditional Smart QR codes and is linked to the Smart media library that lets you manage media files QR Code.


  • Directly linking content to Smart QR code
  • Multiple media files, pages, or link behind a single QR Code
  • Content depending on the country where scanned
  • On the basis of exact locations show the content
  • Depending on mobile phone routed to the correct link
  • Language setting of the mobile
  • Media Carousel that shows every time another media file
  • Depending on time or date
  • Secure QR code that can be viewed only after filling out password
  • Key Smart QR code where you fill out to see “keys” to specific pages.


  • All type of files like video, photo, document, recording, music, zip, apk
  • Creating pages with built-in CMS and automatic response form
  • Own self to manage media storage (private)
  • No advertising messages
  • Plays video off directly on any phone

Smart QR Code

  • Generate the dynamic QR Code and change content without the form changed.
  • Can also be used as a short link for social media or if NFC tag to use
  • Share the QR Code or short link via social media or email
  • Smart printing or assemblies QR Code
  • Comprehensive analysis of QR code statistics including the location of scanning.


After registration, you will receive five credits to perform a free trial. If you decide to continue and get started with the Smart QR Code, you click on the menu (top right) to buy credits. You can order and pay online.

The balance of your credits applies to all Smart QR Codes together and is represented in the left top of your screen.

Smart QR Code operates based on credits for the number of times the Smart QR code is scanned, data storage (video, audio, pictures, stored in the library) and data use.

• 10 scans = 1 credit
• 100 MB of storage = 3 credits per month
• 100 MB of data usage = 4 credits


  • 10 scans = 1 credit
  • 100 MB of storage = 3 credit’s
  • 100 MB data usage = 4 credit’s
Web application

  • 10 scans = 3 credit
  • 100 MB of storage = 9 credit’s
  • 100 MB data usage = 8 credit’s

Register and Login

After registration or login, you are able to manage your Smart QR Code(s) and all media that you wish to link to the Smart QR Code(s).

Add ’empty’ Smart QR Code(s) to your account

Click the ‘plus’ sign (top right) and choose the number of ’empty’ Smart QR Codes that you would like to add to your account. When you previously created any Smart QR Codes, this will be presented in the QR’s summary (at the bottom).
The Smart QR Codes are for free.

Add media to your account

You can upload different types of files from your cloud drive or smartphone. First, select the Media button (at the bottom), then press the ‘plus’ sign, and then select the media you want to insert from the media library.

Linking media to your Smart QR Code

Select the applicable Smart QR Code and then click the ‘Tag’ button. You can also reverse that order.

Media which can be placed behind the Smart QR Code

– Record a video
– Take a picture
– Record audio

– Image
– Video
– Audio

– Web link
– Email address
– Phone number

– Media stored in the media library

Media uploads and conversion

The selected media is now being uploaded and converted to all popular formats. Depending on the size of the file and the speed of your Internet connection, this can take a while. The progress is shown in the display.
When the upload has been completed successfully, you get a message on your screen and the Smart QR Code is ready to be scanned.

Share your Smart QR Code
Share your Smart QR Code with social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.), or email. Click on the share button to translate the QR Code into a short link.

Copy the short link to your post. By clicking the short link, the same content is shown as which is behind the Smart QR Code.