Smart QR Code

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Where an ordinary QR Code solely connects to a web page of which the address cannot be changed afterwards, offers Smart QR Code customized solutions. Hence, it is suitable for professional applications in virtually all industries. The Smart QR Code is a well thought through QR Code. To get started you need to register (or login if you are already registered). Once you are in the management environment, you first need to purchase one or more ’empty’ Smart QR codes. Next, you can determine the conditions under which the media needs to be shown and you can connect the media to the Smart QR Code. All kinds of digital recorded media, email address or telephone number can be linked. In a later stage you can easily change conditions or media. In addition, you can make a mobile page in the management environment, and link it to the Smart QR Code.

The Smart QR Code can be published in a particular background, in color and saved in different formats (including PDF and EPS) for further processing in printed matter.
When the Smart QR Code is in use, you are able to view statistics on how often and when your Smart QR Code is being scanned. You can manage the Smart QR Code on your PC (web application) or a smartphone (app).