How to create a QR code

The Smart QR code is a dynamic and programmable QR code.  You can link all sorts of media and content to the Smart QR code and change whenever you like. You determine the behavior of the QR code yourself.

The content, for example, can be dependent on the location where you scan the QR code, the language settings of the phone or the type of phone you use or even the time you are scanning the QR code.

All these possibilities and many more can be combined with each other. Link all possible content like: video, webpages, links, sound or whatever you like to a single QR code. And all you need is the Smart QR code APP on a mobile phone or for advanced usage use the webportal.

The possibilities are endless but the price is low.

The "Gift QR code" is a special QR code. The first time you scan the QR code, you download the Smart QR code APP, after which you can add content such as videos or whatever you want to your QR

You can operate the Smart QR Code generator with both a APP as well as a web portal. For the most things you can use your mobile phone, but for complexer things use the website. Search in your APP store

You need credits for the number of times the QR code is scanned and for the number of megabytes of data you use. 1 credit = € 0.40 APP 15 scans = 1 credit per 100 MB = 1 credits

The possibilities are endless, you can determine the behavior of the QR code yourself. From content depending on the location where you scan, the language you speak, the moment you scan the QR code, up to and including which type