Smart QR Code

SmartQR code is the most innovative and easy to use 'video and QR code' -platform in the world. We've invented a patented platform that will give you the opportunity to attach all types of media directly to dynamic SmartQR codes, just by using the internet or your mobile phone.

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Smart QR Code

Unlike a standard QR Code, the Smart QR Code enables you to change or update the online content connected to a single QR Code. You can add all kind of conditions to one single QR code. For example you can add conditions like country, geolocation, language, password, time or date, phone type, etc. You can add all sort of video or other media to a single Smart QR Code. It has a private video and media library for all your files and videos. Manage just by using your mobile phone or use the website for extended conditions.

Unique selling point

1. One single QR code can display everything you like to show.

2. Program the QR code to let it do what you want it to do.

3. Change content whenever you like.

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