Smart QR code functionality

The Smart QR code generator enables you to program the behaviour of the Smart QR code and link all type of media to the Smart QR code. You can change the content anytime you like without changing the shape of the QR code.

You can manage the Smart QR codes both using your mobile phone and using the website. For the most things you can use your mobile phone. For advanced functionality like multiple dependencies or multiple media you can use the website.

Features mobile Smart QR Code APP:

– Add video, recordings, music, photo’s , weblinks, email, telephone number to a QR code
– Tag the QR code directly with your mobile phone
– GPS dependent content or multiple content one single QR code (accuracy of 20 meters)
– GPS location (Geo Tags) services can be enabled in your account
– QR code scanner
– Add QR codes or media to your account
– Share , print or export QR codes
– Smart QR Code has its own media library

Features website

– Determine the behaviour of the QR code with multiple dependencies
– Combine all possible features such as locations, languages, phone type, multiple videos, links etc.
– Add video, music, recordings, photo’s , weblinks, email, telephone number to a QR code
– Own media library
– Single QR code linking to multiple shops ( IPhone, Android)
– Country dependent content
– GPS dependent content or multiple content one single QR code (accuracy of 20 meters)
– Different content depending on the phone language
– Different links depending on what type of phone is scanning
– Use of a password to show the content after scanning the QR code
– Multiple links behind a QR code, using a password to unlock content
– Add timeslots to the QR code to show different content
– Time based and automatic change of the link to another link
– Multiple links behind a QR code, every scan shows different content
– Random or sequentially displaying content after scanning QR code
– Share , print or export Smart QR codes
– Generate your own “single tag” QR codes (record a video and send along with a gift)

 Mobile APPWebsite
Tag content with mobile phonex
Country dependent contentx
Combine all dependency selectionsx
Phone language dependent contentx
Generating single Tag QR codes (gifts)x
Tag single Tag QR codexx
Multi location based contentxx
High precision location (GPS)xx
Private videoxx
Video and voice recordingxx
Phone numberxx
Social mediaxx
Make you own mobile pagesx
Password protected contentx
Time based contentx
Content dependent on mobile phonex
Share QR codexx
Design QR codexx
Media carousel (random content)x
Media carousel (sequential content)x
Multiple password protected contentx
High precision QR code scannerxx
Own media libraryxx
Generating dynamic QR codesxx
Default content selectionxx
Geo content selectionxx