QR code functionality

The possibilities are endless, you can determine the behavior of the QR code yourself.

From content depending on the location where you scan, the language you speak, the moment you scan the QR code, up to and including which type of phone you scan the QR code. And all these possibilities can be combined with each other. But of course it is also possible to link a single video, document, website, telephone number or whatever you want to the Smart QR code.



– Different content depending on the country

– Different content depending on exact geo location (GPS)


– Different content depending on the phone language

– Different links depending on what type phone is scanning Time and date:

– Add timeslots to the QR code to show different content

– Time based and automatic change of the link to another link


– Use of a password to show the content after scanning the QR code

– Multiple links behind a QR code, using a password to unlock content

Media carroussel:

– Multiple links behind a QR code; every scan shows different content

– Random or sequentially displaying content after scanning QR code


– Determine the behavior of the QR code with multiple dependencies

– Combine all possible features such as locations, languages, etc.